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Started around 18 months ago, the idea was to create the definitive source of information about our unique conservation area.
In order to maintain this site and ensure its ongoing, we are looking for anybody who can spare a little time to help or even just by providing more tales and photos.
All material submitted will be handled with the utmost care and returned as quickly as possible.
Can you or would you like to help???
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Thank You and please do visit us again soon.
Manchester News- Archives
Blackley Cricket Club Fixture 2005 Timetable - Anthony
Jackie Brown British, European flyweight boxing champion 1932 to 1935
Short History Of Blackley
Crab Lane Conservation Area - Historical Document From
Council Newsletter Archives - Direct Link Into Council Web Site
Crab Lane Houses
Crab Lane Conservation Area
Crab Lane and its buildings today
Crab Lane is an important landmark in the history of Manchester. Having once been an independent settlement it was bypassed by the Industrial revolution. This was partly due to the fact that most new developments of that time tended to gravitate towards the centre of Manchester.

Some remnants of the old settlement are still in evidence, including the high street, a few minor side streets, a public house and the Church of St. Andrew. The church was built in 1865 on the summit of a hill which commands the most distant views for miles around. A memorial window in the chancel commemorates William Langton, the banker and philanthropist. There is also a New Connexion Zion Church dating from 1867 near the south end of Crab Lane.

These upgrades and updates include the following:-
Crab Lane 1820's Map
Thanks again David
Yet Another Great New Feature Added To

Thanks to the dedicated time and efforts of the staff at, we are now able to display a map of the Lane or Crab Lane Head as it was known then dated between the 1820's and 1840's.

Did your street or house exist all that time ago, we now know that ours did, what about yours???

If you would like to know more why not check out this link. We have even included a complete set of instructions of how to find your address and then navigate your way through the map. We hope you enjoy this as much as we have.

Who Lived in Your House in 1891/2 ???
Thanks to the observations of a local resident (Clare) we have been able to duplicate and reproduce the 1891/2 census records.

Now you can look up who lived in your house back in 1891/2, find out if there are still local residents within Crab Lane or even better find out if you know of any stories about these people.
Newspaper Archives Come To
Crab Lane Newspaper Clippings Why not check out the recorded history of Crab Lane, through our team of volunteers who have taken the time to reproduce these historical documents - Transcribed to date, we have articles on the famous Crab Lane war time Air Disaster and another article covering how residents stood up to the council during road works back in the 1980's.
How Much !!!
Awaiting Caption

We very desperately need a little help and assistance from anybody, who can spare even just a few minutes per month. You don't need to be a computer programmer or graphics artist.
All you might need to know at the most is how to write/type out a few paragraphs of text.

Due to a keen price buster on the house front, we are now able to provide an archived collection of house prices.
Why not find out just what your house could have been worth just a few years ago.
Especially useful for those watching the housing market or those who just want to know the price difference.
If you have details on anything not listed, please do let us know and we will include them in the listings.
Crab Needs Your Help
Just Arrived
Down Hollow Lane By C.S.Jackson - Allan
The Crab Lane Trail Compiled by D.J. Losdale - Allan
1891 Census back by public demand
Historic Press Clipping - Allan and Clare
The Truth Behind The Canadian Bomber Crash Of WWII on our lane - Allan
1820's Online Maps OF Crab Head Lane - Brought to you by David O'Malley
Historical List of House Prices What was your House Worth - Allan
My History - Gerald Partington - Amber - Parts 2/3
"Crab Part 1 and 2" by John Hopwood - Amber
John Hopwood on 3 DVD, Get Your Copies
History of Zion Methodist - 1815 - 1899 Diary By Miss Wilde
Picture Gallery
Then and Now Image Archives - Allan And Stuart
Photo Archives - 60 photos - Edited By Lenny
Pubs In Crab Village - By Rodger Hall
Homes For Sale Within Crab Village - Allan

Coming Soon
Coming Dec 1st is your chance to own your very own street name e-mail address. - Watch This Space - Allan
Also Coming Dec 1st is the
Big Event will launch by public demand a major new facility within its website
Watch this space
Keeping its age a mystery
Crab cash boost
Village patrol experiment
John cobbles road protests together
Local Events - Church, St Andrews Hall and Crab Lane Cricket Club
Local Historical Newsletter - Magazine - Allan
Readers Comments - General Public
Conservation Groups Fight To Save Old Cottages -
The History Of Pleasant View - Anthony and Amber
Webmaster: Allan Nelson - Graphics: Lenny Flood/Allan Nelson
Transcript Conversions: Amber Newman/Anthony Newman - Proof Reading: Stuart
Newsclippings Duplication: Clare McGlacken - Newsletter Creation: Diane Ward - Pauline

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